Introducing the DonorSee Rise Virtuous + Integration.

Rise by DonorSee not integrates seamlessly with Virtuous's powerful CRM and responsive fundraising approach.

A powerful combination

Integration Allows Nonprofits to launch Rise,a branded fundraising platform, complete with next generation fundraising, donor engagement, and community nurturing out of the box that syncs giving data with Virtuous.

By combining the power of DonorSee Rise with the power of Virtuous, fundraisers will be able to launch a next generation donor engagement platform, complete with a full suite of fundraising tools, smart retention, and conversion to monthly giving, that integrates seamlessly with your website and Virtuous.

Virtuous is an industry leader in nonprofit CRM and the only responsive fundraising platform.

“This incredibly powerful combination of DonorSee Rise and Virtuous is a game changer for nonprofit leaders who wish to amplify their fundraising, and donor engagement and retention.”

Owen O’Doherty, DonorSee CEO.
Engage & Retain Donors

With Rise, you can launch an easy to use branded fundraising and community engagement platform out-of-box, enabling you to deliver a 10 star donor experience at scale, proven to result in repeat giving at 3 times the industry average.

Meet New Donors

Rise, by DonorSee, delivers a substantial fundraising boost. It offers the option to enable access to a community of Donors that brings up to 30% in additional donation volume, while protecting and ring fencing your own donors.

Convert to monthly giving

Embedded smart technology organically converts one time givers to monthly givers over time, ensuring you can budget and plan your campaigns with confidence.

"We are very excited about the integration between DonorSee Rise and Virtuous. There are so many benefits from this integration and I look forward to the future with these two outstanding organizations working together."
Trey Porter, African Bible Colleges


Each day the donations data transacted on your DonorSee profile and projects are bundled and sent to the corresponding project that you have on Virtuous. It is seamless and automated. All you need to do is create the integration connection!

None. The only data that returns to DonorSee is the names of your Virtuous projects which appear in a dropdown list when you create a DonorSee project to link. This allows you to easily link to send donation data back to the correct project. DonorSee cannot see any other data – donor data, etc- stored in Virtuous.
Yes, data security is a top priority for DobnorSee and Virtuous. We strictly adhere to data protection standards to ensure all customer data remains safe. DonorSee uses secure AWS servers for data storage, requires two- factor authentication for sign-ins, and uses password hashing, as well as secure data transfer. Virtuous customers can rest assured that their data is safe and secure. DonorSee will never share or sell their data to any third-party organization. The data is used for the sole purpose of helping the nonprofit to set the perfect ask amounts for every donor prospect on their list.
For questions or to organize a demo, please contact the team at DonorSee Rise at [email protected] who will be happy to help.
We’d love to help you learn more! Simply reach out to your Account Manager about setting up a time for a demo.
Yes, we take on board feedback from customers and the users of the platform and always look to make continuous improvements. All improvements and feature updates are pushed to all customers and users of the platform.