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Using DonorSee's Rise to convert viewers into regular donors

Chadwyck Cobb
Chadwyck Cobb

Background on Whispers Hospital

Founded in 2015, Whispers Magical Children’s Hospital, is a first rate hospital serving urgent medical needs of children in Uganda.

It’s an inspirational place that opens its doors to over 200 children every month and provides live-saving treatment. To date, the staff has helped over 75,000 vulnerable children receive medical care for a minimum cost or completely free.

Whispers Magical Children’s Hospital was founded on the belief that small actions can have a massive impact.


The challenge:
How to convert views into donations

Whispers Magical Children’s Hospital had a unique challenge. It was 2021 and they were getting a lot of views on their social media but it was not converting into donations. With every Instagram Story or TikTok video posted, there was thousands of views. But, views don’t help pay hospital staff. Most of their followers wanted to help but either didn’t know how, or simply didn’t have the means to give much.

The Solution:
DonorSee helped Whispers make the most of small donations.

DonorSee's Rise engaging interface and 10-star donor experience helps multiply the impact of even small donations. Donors love discovering the individual stories of people which they can directly help. It’s exciting to give to a project that only needs $200 more - and to get notified a couple of hours later that it’s been fully funded. Seeing that green progress thermometer fill up is motivating. And, seeing that other donors are also giving to this specific project makes donors want to do something to help - even if it’s small. It fosters community, as well as evangelism for your mission, and creates a snowball effect.

Whispers Magical Children’s Hospital average gift size is around $45, but drives thousands of donations through the DonorSee Rise platform. DonorSee's Rise allows donors to see a variety of open projects and feel the excitement build as donations are received. The platform smartly shows new donors projects that are nearing completion - which can make a donor with even very little to give feel significant.


The Updates Feed of each profile further showcases project’s progress. This helps entice a donor to check out things being done right now - which often leads to a donor giving more than once in a single sitting.

The result:
DonorSee's Rise led to a 245% increase in donations.

The Whispers Hospital team quickly discovered that her followers loved giving on DonorSee's Rise. And, DonorSee donors loved supporting and seeing the impact of their giving on these young patients. Together, this helped Whispers Hospital increase her donations by 245%.

“DonorSee has changed my life"
Veronika Cejpkova,
Whispers Hospital Co-founder


DonorSee’s Rise 10 star donor experience and the DonorSee community helps build momentum and convert impressions into donations. Whispers hosptial turned hundreds of small gifts into many thousands of dollars - and increased their donations by 245%.

Discover how Rise by DonorSee will transform your fundraising and organization's capability.

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Whispers Children's Hospital

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